Sunday, April 30, 2017

100 Days of Pencil Art with Art and Journals

Drawing with pencils must be a basic art lesson we must all go pass through.  So for the next couple of months, I will be focusing more on using pencils as an art medium.  This started when I saw an IG account showing everyday artworks for 100 days.  It is called the #100DaysOf________, in which you will fill the blank with whatever project you want to work on.  I have decided to choose going back to basics and learning to use pencils.

Since it is 100 days, and pencils come in different characteristics, I have divided the project.

Graphite Pencils - For the first 30 Days, I will be using the graphite pencil as medium.  I have always dreamed of learning this, but never really took action.  

Colored Pencils -  The next 30 Days will be added with colors.  I will be using colored pencils to draw 30 different artworks.

Watercolor Pencils -  For the last batch of 30 Days, I will be exploring the Watercolor Pencil medium.  I am honestly not comfortable with this medium, but I believe it's about time to explore on this.

The extra 10 days will be dedicated for reviews for each medium, and everything about this 100 days project.

I will update through my Instagram Account.  I am always not timely (or daily) in updating my Instagram account, but I do upload per batch.  I hope I can stick with this.

I will also be updating through this blog and provide links where I learned the lessons.

Here's to a hundred artworks and learnings!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Notebooks to Let Go

These are some of my notebooks in our bedroom shelf.  A number of these were used last year, but I still have a lot of unused notebooks, and probably will not use them since I have been loyal to my Hobonichi.  I intend to use Hobonichi Original for the year, so I decided to giveaway some.  I posted yesterday in my Facebook about this.  And here is the content:

I will be giving away SOME notebooks. The conditions are these:
1. I have the right to choose to whom it should be given, and what notebook it is.
2. Some notebooks were used ONLY on the first three to five pages. Some are really unused.
3. I will prioritize family, then students, and friends who are not a notebook enthusiast like me. Newbies are okay, too. I want it to be used, not just to be stacked in a shelf just like this.
4. Comment "ME" if you are interested. If you want to say what will you use it for, go ahead. PM is accepted, too.

I got some responses.  I will be choosing the recepient probably by the end of the month.  I have learned the disadvantage of hoarding which I will tackle soon in this blog.

I hope that the recepient will be able to use this, and enjoy the benefits of planning and writing un a journal everyday.  BUT I don't want them to fall in the rabbit hole of hoarding like I did.  I had been slowly letting go some of my things at home, especially when they are not used and just taking up space at home.

Here's to a change of lifestyle for me.  Slowly and gradual, but uplifting in a sense.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Hobonichi 2017: January Flipthrough

Here's a compilation of my January Spreads in my Hobonichi.  Not really a by-hand flipthrough, but a slideshow video.  Please watch and enjoy!!!