Friday, January 19, 2007

[0154 OLD POST]: SA - The Adventure of the Spectrum of Hope

Last night, I watched the movie "Frequency". In the movie, the father who lived 30 years ago was able to talk to his son through a communication radio. The frequency that enabled them to communicate ‘magically’ was caused by the appearance of the Northern Lights, popularly known as Auroras or Aurora Borealis.

After watching the movie, I remembered again the thing that I saw a few days ago.  I was on my way home on an MRT ride from Graphics Expo exhibit, I remember I was hungry and tired for that day was a busy one. I was staring at the blue & white sky (which I always do), for looking at the sky and forming scenes from the abstract billows of the clouds is a relaxing hobby of mine.  There I was, staring at the clouds and imagining every possible form that the clouds unravel before me. I saw a face of a baby, a woman protruding upward that seems like looking up for the higher sky and a baby angel floating behind her. (Whoa! I may have such a wild imagination you may think, but I care less.)

Now, while I was busy staring on the clouds, something caught my attention - - - a sudden appearance of a ‘rainbow’.   I called it ‘a rainbow with a weird form’, because it doesn’t form a bow. It is like golden sun rays beaming from behind the clouds, only it isn’t golden rays but the colorful spectrums similar to a rainbow.

I could swear that the light appeared before my eyes; for I am observant to such things. Besides, the sky has always been my companion, what a blind mouse I would have been if I didn’t notice right away the colorful spectrum that flashed from a blanket of blue & white sky.

I was fueled by the sudden apparition of an unearthly show of celestial lights. It is beyond words to express what I felt that moment, and as if my jaw is about to break off from pure astonishment. I was in such awe that I almost missed the station where I must alight off the train.

As I leave the train station, I was still looking up hoping to see the magnificent lights above, but it’s getting dark and the buildings of the city shielded its beauty away from me.  It was such a wonderful thing that I even sent text messages to some friends about it, but none of them cared.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, maybe they are busy like the people in the MRT who haven’t had the time to look at the sky and see the heavenly display. And then I went home light heartedly, my hunger and my dead-beat mood was swiftly swept away.

The blissful experience the other day struck me again last night as I saw the Northern Lights in the movie Frequency.

Now I have the time to reflect to what I have seen.  I had been down for some quite time; I think God is reminding me that I must not lose hope.  Just like the rainbow during Noah’s time, there’s always a fresh beginning. The breakdowns in life are a chance to start over again, more intellectually ---more righteously.  And even in the darkest situation, a ray of hope will always bring light and will shine even more beautifully just like the Northern Lights.

These little show of lights will always remind us thatGod will always give us a bright Spectrum of Hope.

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