Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meeting with the clouds

This morning I went to visit a site where two bathroom renovations is called for. 

The house is of a Mediterranean concept.  It was built twelve years ago but if you should see it now, it is very well maintained.  The existing interior design of these bathrooms as I put it into the client’s words has 'just got tiring to look at.'  I couldn't agree more.

Two things I learned from today’s meeting.

1.     Set up a meeting with a group of different contractors.
          The chipping and removing of the existing tiles and fixtures began two weeks ago.  So a meeting at site was called for the other subcontractors.  They are the waterproofing subcon and the tile setter subcon.  These contractors work hand in hand to achieve a waterproof – clean installed bathroom tiles.  Having them met together, not one-by-one on site, made it easier to come to an agreement at the end of the meeting.  Everybody had their opinions to make things work efficiently according to the time, material and labor schedule.  It was near perfect in terms of a successful meeting.  Saves time and everything for everyone – the client, the designer and the contractor.

2.     The clouds.
I know you are wondering what the clouds are for.  On our way to visit the next construction site, I noticed the white and fluffy clouds floating into the really sky blue sky.  It was a splendor to look at compared to the tall buildings of the metro.  For some moments there, it was a relaxing transition from one busy construction site to another.  Lovely indeed!  I just have to tell.  (Which reminds me of an old blog post I wrote years ago. Read here.)

That’s the story of the whimsical blog post title of mine. 

A simple view of the natural design of this world gives inspiration often times. 

I hope the beauty of nature makes us aware that this very cosmic world had been created and designed by the ULTIMATE DESIGNER  – not just for beauty and function, but most of all with a definite purpose!

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