Sunday, March 25, 2012

Culture Crash Fan Manga

Lo, and behold! 

More than a decade ago, during my high school days, a Filipino Manga emerged and I once enjoyed it during my younger artsy days.

It was called CULTURE CRASH, CCCom, for short.

 Fascinated by it, I sent a letter, but not just an ordinary letter.  It was an art. It was to the point, that the makers of Culture Crash Comics even published it on their Comic Magazine.  All fun and glee that moment was!  Then came a dilemma, I lost that copy!

So here is my PLEA!  Anyone out there, who has a copy of Culture Crash, (it was from Issue 5, I believe.  If not, Issue 5.5).

Please, please, please! Send me a copy, 
even just a scanned original page!  
I would be delighted to get to see it in full color again!

Below are the photocopied images (thank God my mother did that!).

The Entire Page from Culture Crash Mangazine

The Write up

The Manga Snapshots

I hope someone could help!

J.C. Palabay, Elmer Damaso, and Taga-Ilog!

I hope this post will get to you!

Remember me?  I am also the once upon a time interior design student who
took your office as a office design renovation project.

Don't worry guys, my hair is not pink, YET.  -^_^-


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