Saturday, March 3, 2012

FB Timeline Problem Solved

I know that the FB's Timeline cover photo is cool and all, but the posts becomes somewhat 'randomly arranged' side by side the tiny timeLINE in the middle.  And I do not like the posts' arrangement at all.  Since I can't come back to the previous FB interface, I despised looking at Profile walls.

Then... just an idea popped up out of nowhere!

If I highlight every post I make on FB, the width of the post title will be longer and the dividing line will be gone!  Easier to browse paging down.  Just click the star on the upper right corner of your post to highlight it.

Although I cannot control the Friends Tab which is half of the timeline space, it is way much better than having the timeLINE in the middle most of the time.  Unless you want a cluttered interface and make your readers go in random (which is cool at times).

So there! A much easy stalker-friendly interface! hahahah

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