Saturday, March 17, 2012

Interior Design Exhibition (Part 2) - Finishes

Well, well... okay two weeks lag.  Here's the update of the ID exhibit coming up by the end of March:

Read the Part 1 here.

The team finally decided on what to put in the exhibit.  It's as simple as a discussion area, which is practically used to any other spaces aside from residential.

Aside on what we are gonna show, we also talked about on how we are gonna market our firm to the onlookers.  It was some sort of a marketing strategy to get the clients involved.  We thought on how to get the prospect clients' contacts, but on the second thought, those people should be the one to initiate to contact us.

Just a thought now, all we have to do is to convince them that we can design a different sort of interiors, focusing more on residential spaces.  So we focus back again to design strategy, rather than the marketing aspect.

So, upon deciding that we are going to do a simple some sort of living/den/seating area.  The good concept for furniture design is on.  Various research was made until we finally got what we want.

I will not show you the overall concept though, it will spoil the thrill to see final output, but instead, I will show you the FINER details of the exhibit.

Finer Detail Finishes

There are three basic finishes that I would be needing for this project, the floor finish, the wall finish, and the furniture finish.

1.  Floor Finish

Fortunate enough, a company sponsored for the flooring and the platform combined.
Here's the finish:

2.  Wall Finish - we just opted for an offwhite laminate finish with plywood substrate for a cleaner and spacious look.  We will also be mounting the company's signage there.  We had the signage made by a graphic supplier.

3.  Furniture Finish - for this, we will also be using black and wood laminates.  The sample finishes below should get your imagination start tinkering:

These are the major finishes and colors for the booth.  Are you "feeling" the look of the booth already?

Aside from the major colors, we also planned the color to use for the accessories and fabrics to use.

Here are some of the colors and fabrics choices we are thinking about:

Which one of the two fabric sets we chose?  I will not tell for now.  Just wait for the final output!

BTW, the exhibit will be held at the Rockwell Tent on March 29 to April 1.  Feel free to drop by.

IMAGIMAX will be the company I'll be representing.

This exhibit booth discussion is not yet over.  I will update this as soon as possible!

'till the next ish!

(And the result of this exhibit design is..... read Part III here!)

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