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MANILA FAME March 2012 - Philippines

Manila FAME was founded in 1983 by by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and is one of the longest running trade shows in the Asia-Pacific.

Since its founding, the show has been featuring the latest creation and design trends in furniture and furnishings, holiday and gifts and fashion. Through the years, Manila FAME has been nurturing Philippine creative manufacturers and producers and continues to promote them in the global market.

It is the only event in the Philippines approved by the Union des Foires Internationales (UFI), a Paris-based association of trade fair organizers.

In October 2011, Manila FAME and three other major sourcing events in the Philippines -- manila nowCEBUNEXT andBijoux Cebu -- merged into a single event in order to bring even more products to more buyers, serve more markets and showcase Philippine design and artistry. The show highlighted products set in a retail concept and developed under three global trends: Naturalist, Mood Indigo and Graffiti. It also featured skilled artisans demonstrating their craft in creating products with the use of indigenous materials such as capiz, buri and rattan. Read more at THECITEMBLOG.

The successful collaboration continues for Manila FAME's 55th edition in March 2012.

Manila FAME brings together manilanowCEBUNEXT and Bijoux Cebu, four of the country's major sourcing events, to mark the Philippines as Asia's design destination for lifestyle products in furniture & furnishings, holiday & gifts, and fashion. 

As described, I have seen different collaboration of various design industries from home accessories, furniture and jewelries.  Seeing the word "bijoux", I already knew there will be jewelries on display, but coming from Cebu?  I anticipated more on what to see.

We went on the first day of the exhibit.  If possible, go on the first day, the best ones are displayed, and most of the time, a known artist will be there.  For this event, I get to see the famous Kenneth Cobonpue.  I should have taken a picture with him, but I was to shy. (I really should have!)  I also saw Prietto - the one with exaggeratedly unique fashion style.

Enough with the intros. Here are the photos:

The Manila FAME signage

The Registration booth.  See that hexagons back wall?  It is made of card boxes.

A closer shot of the hexagon boards.  This was taken from the reception desk itself.

On the second floor, where the registration area is, you will see a number of live graffiti artists doing their works.

Another graffiti artists painting their hearts out.

More shots of them.  I love their free-art.

On the ground floor, we were welcomed by four indigenous weaving techniques by native Filipinos.

Mat weaving




Now, let's go inside! Limited photos though, most are just stolen shots (from the exhibitors) hehe

Hello, Bloom Chair!

This bikey is made of natural materials.

Hello, Harry!

How's  the gig? By Duemila Galleria

How's the view up there?

A nice chair from Triboa.

Tried some Filipino Human Hairs (converted into wigs).  The two models are my boss and colleague.  (I hope they wouldn't mind).

And tried some hats... lots of hats!

Metallic Furniture

Hanging paper envelopes! Everything with handwriting.

Free ride from the modified Filipino Jeepney.

Oh... that's it for now!  I love the items here!  I just wish some local suppliers will supply items locally than abroad.  Oh well.... 'till the next FAME exhibit!

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