Saturday, March 3, 2012


I attended a seminar today hosted by the University of the Philippines Interior Design Alumni Association.

If this is their first ever UPIDAA Design Sharing, this is my first ever solid ID seminar I attended to after I graduated... well, as far as I could remember.

The lecture series is entitled "Trajectories:  An exploration."

The seminar discussed four different aspects in interior design.  Here are the lists.

1.  Visual Merchandising by Noelle Tiongsan.

2.  Mall Decoration by Gaille Vergara Bautista.

3.  Jewelry Design and Advocacy by Janet Alejandro.

4.  Designing for the Blind by Paolo Lopez - students design thesis.

I don't have any photos to show you, but I hope they'll upload some on their site.

The speakers were informative in their field of work.  

Noelle also worked at Bluer than Blue Joint Ventures where I worked five years ago.  And the things she explained about Visual Merchandising is more on marketing than design is so true.  

Gaille showed us their works on making HUGE display props they made for mall decorations.  Gargantuan arts and crafts!  Not to mention yet that the production time is around five days.  Whew!

Janet showed a mixture of her passion for art and her spiritual journey, it was inspiring.

Paolo showed his college team design for the blind people.  and their ABCD formula.

        .A-re you sure?

         B-e prepared
        C-onfirm it
        D-o it!

The seminar started an hour late than scheduled.  After the seminar, Ani and Heidi, my two classmates in PUP-ID, teased me to treat them at Cha that the name of that Tea Shop at Gateway?  Anyway, we had talks and stories over cold tea and went home.

To sum up this experience?  Getting around with people who share the same profession as you are, (but not in the same work-office area), is a relaxing and informative experience.

Prior coming to this seminar, I thought I could learn all those lectures in just clicks in the internet or a day in books, and I've proven myself very wrong.  

There's something far more interesting in getting to know things other than books and reading - - - it's the shared thought of the actual experience in the field - it's seeing their passion through their words and expressions as they share their stories.  It's the connection between one interior designer to another.  

It's something that no book can ever utter.  It's something more real in the field of interior designing.

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