Friday, April 6, 2012

Interior Design Exhibit (Part 3) - Actual Exhibit


(Read Part 1 here and read Part II here)

Rockwell Land organized these exhibit to give the unit owners of The Grove opportunities to source out for interior designers and furniture suppliers.

The theme is  Secrets to Style Your Home: 100% Rockwell An Interior Design and Home Fair

It was a first time experience for my part in representing our company's services.

These are the actual photos of our mini interior design exhibit.

Setting up!  Flooring by Filtra Group.

We got this huge painting by Galleria Duemila.

Upholstery by FabricField.

Signage by Artfresco.

Have Reg prepared the Guest Book and Business cards, and also bookmarks too.

Placed the portfolio upfront.

And presented the entire booth open to all interior design, architectural, landscaping and construction inquiries.

Aside from the actual exhibit booth, we also got prepared for various prospect client questions regarding our services.  Good thing, our principal architect was around during the 'tough-questioning-times'.

This is one really tiring yet fulfilling experience as an interior designer in regards to setting up booths, catching people's attention, answering inquiries and explaining what you can do (or getting exposed to things that you haven't done before.)

The next time, I will be much more prepared and still excited as well!

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