Friday, August 12, 2016

Blogging 101 with Planner Friends

Last Thursday, August 11, at Rufino Pacific Tower Makati City, a workshop for new bloggers was hosted by Tag Media.  The speaker was Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas. I was invited by a co-planners and journals enthusiast, Shine, and I immediately signed up.

Being a planner girl, of course I have to bring my babies along with me.  I was also given the opportunity to use TWSBI mini! (Happy dance here, but that's a different topic to share.)

The workshop is entitled "BLOGGING 101."  This was a free workshop to educate new bloggers.  We were taught and informed well about media stastics, how to get started, the benefits of blogging, and even creating a content in blog articles.

Since this was a workshop, we were asked to create an article, and you are reading it now. 😄
Here are the important things to include in an article as shared by Engr. Grace.

Put the:

This guideline had made writing so much easier for a blogger newbie like me.  I have more to share on the upcoming posts.

Best of all, I met a bunch of people who are also interested in blogging. And since we are all starting, I would like to promote their sites, too.  This will expand our knowledge in different walks of life.

First off,
The speaker, Grace Bondan Nicolas
Content: This is her personal blog, aside from the corporate blogs that she manages.

The planner girl who invited me, Shine de Castro:
Content: Inspirational articles, careers, and more.

My seatmate, Marissa:
Content: Health and Fitness

In front of me, Rowena.
Content: Events

The mommy blogger, Meg.
Content: Everything about the life of a mom who works in a call center, thus, nocturnal.

And the only thorn among the roses, Mackie.
Site:  Coming Soon
Content: Life in the Sea/Shipping

Overall, this was a very informative workshop for all of us.  We learned and met people in the blogging network.  I am very grateful to Tag Media for having this event and to Ms. Grace for sharing her blogging experiences.  If there's a Blogging 102, me and my babies will definitely be there!

You can sign up through Grace of Tag Media at 917-0213.


  1. : wow! that's nice! sis ung number kulang?

    1. It's a landline number.
      Updated. Thank you. 😀