Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bullet Journal in a Ring Binder

There were occasions that I was asked how I bullet journal in a ring binder.  It is pretty simple, just imagine your notebooks has rings.  I have been in this system for the longest time compared to other systems.  

What made me choose the ring binder?  Flexibility in pages and sturdiness of the cover.  It is cheaper in the long run than buying a bounded notebook with only 100 sheets, archive when done, and go get a new notebook again. Some information that you may still want to use is still in that bounded notebook, unless you want to tear it off or re-write to your new notebook so you can carry it with you again. With ring binders, I can just refill the sheets in a less expensive price.  I can keep the sheets that I still have use and archive the not needed ones.

I reserve my bounded notebooks for art collection and memory keeping, but for planning, BuJo and ring binders are the items for me.  So here are the basics in a BuJo that I use in my ring binder.

Tha basics in a bullet journal.

Index Page - like a table of contents, because you'll be putting page numbers on your page entries. In here, you can easily find what you logged in your notebook.

😊Future Log - where you dump all future schedule, because basically you don't have a layout yet because you'll be logging on the pages everytime you have to only.

Monthly log - every start of the month you list all the date numbers and corresponding days, by this time you are starting to have a calendar for the month where you can move schedules from the Future Log to here. So everything written on June's future log, you iust transfer here.

πŸ˜ƒThe Daily pages - you put pages numbers as you use the page. Sample here is page 10 of my bujo. In Bujo you only need one pen and use bullet symbols.
In this sample, I use color codes. Thus, the color legend in the first photo. I basically use tick boxes only. But there are more legends (key logs) to use like exclamation point for urgent things to do or heart for lovelife. Yihee! πŸ˜‚

πŸ˜„The Collection Pages - this is where you put information by subject. Example shown is my May Gratitude List - where I log all my gratefulness each day. It does not have to be of a calendar type. I have pages for Health log where I write only if I got sick, Ideas log. Hoard log is the best! Hahah! More like of a dump note where you can easily track information.

The rest of the photos were just samples of its flexibility in layout. That is why I love the BuJo system.
I have used this system in ordinary notebooks, TN, rings, discs and Hobonichi. I still use inserts with dates like wo2p for activities that I know I'd be doing everyday. (I have three sets of weekly in my binder).

You don't need to decorate that consume too much time, somehow, it beats the purpose of bullet journaling. But if you have chunks of time to draw and decorate your pages, then why not! πŸ˜… And if you can't doodle like the recent BuJo pages floating around the internet, it isn't a requirement. If you have the basics listed up there, you are BuJoing already. πŸ˜†
I hope this helps. 

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