Sunday, April 30, 2017

100 Days of Pencil Art with Art and Journals

Drawing with pencils must be a basic art lesson we must all go pass through.  So for the next couple of months, I will be focusing more on using pencils as an art medium.  This started when I saw an IG account showing everyday artworks for 100 days.  It is called the #100DaysOf________, in which you will fill the blank with whatever project you want to work on.  I have decided to choose going back to basics and learning to use pencils.

Since it is 100 days, and pencils come in different characteristics, I have divided the project.

Graphite Pencils - For the first 30 Days, I will be using the graphite pencil as medium.  I have always dreamed of learning this, but never really took action.  

Colored Pencils -  The next 30 Days will be added with colors.  I will be using colored pencils to draw 30 different artworks.

Watercolor Pencils -  For the last batch of 30 Days, I will be exploring the Watercolor Pencil medium.  I am honestly not comfortable with this medium, but I believe it's about time to explore on this.

The extra 10 days will be dedicated for reviews for each medium, and everything about this 100 days project.

I will update through my Instagram Account.  I am always not timely (or daily) in updating my Instagram account, but I do upload per batch.  I hope I can stick with this.

I will also be updating through this blog and provide links where I learned the lessons.

Here's to a hundred artworks and learnings!

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